Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hong Kong Series II: The Peak (Victoria Peak)

It's time to experience "The Peak"! 
(Locally it is called as this but it is also known as "Victoria Peak.") 
This is just the street view of our walk to take the tram. 
 Newspaper stand.
 Let's cross the street!
 Yes, we are finally here!
 Here's a little information about this "Peak Tram."
The first day of operation was on May 30th, 1888 and ever since then,
it has transported many people on it. 
And...this tram travels 4 to 27 degrees upward!
 Let's go!
There it is!!
(My niece patiently waits for the ride.)
Looky here! Someone is enjoying the ride!
And the little one is just leaning on the seat because... it is literally moving in 27 degrees upward!

 The Sky Terrace 428! You can see the panoramic view of Hong Kong!

Found a little "bald spot" on the mountain!
Saw a red cab pass by.
I decided to take a close up.

 Heading downstairs for some ice cream!! :D
Wow...look at my hair. It's a mess!!
Wind really blew through my hair.

The Peak is a must-see.
I wish I can see a night view next time I fly by HK!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hong Kong Series I : Noah's Ark

 Took a bus to Noah's Ark Resort. 
I heard of this place from my big sister who is currently living in Hong Kong.
And of course, I had to check this place out!
 Wow.....the view is just breath-taking!
I had to let my niece pose for me. :) 
 There's the "Fruits of the Spirit" written below the overpass.
 I enjoyed even a long walk to the restaurant!
So much of green and fuschia colors! 
 Ah...what a gorgeous weather~! just love this fresh color.
In fact, I love it so much that I am wearing green tee as of this moment, as I type away. :) 
 Yes~! I am here!!!! 
 With this, I will be able to see the ark! :D (Overjoyed)
Beautiful flowers...and the ark as the backdrop.
 OMG! Giraffes!!!
 Animals on the loose!
What a scene!
 This ark was really huge!
It was built by Kwok brothers (Hong Kong's billionaire brothers), and developed in conjunction with five Christian organizations.  
It is the first life-size replica of Noah's ark in the Bible.
 Saying cheese with all the animals. 
(There are 67 pairs of animals!)
Here is a photo from the inside of the ark.  (I didn't take much photos because I was busy browsing and reading!) 
It is set up as a museum explaining some archaeological discoveries of the Ark.
There were some real live animals (tiny ones such as lizards, turtles, birds, etc.)
In this ark, they also mention the current earth's pollution issues and problems related to it.
Here, I was reading intensely on the lack of drinkable water and how people are suffering due to this problem. 

 It was time to go home so as I waited the bus, I really liked this primary color combination so much that I had to take my camera out again. :)

For more info on this place, click the link below!

Monday, April 2, 2012

For God so loved Korea...

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog.

I finally went to Yanghwajin (I've been wanting to go visit this place for a long time)!
This is the cemetery where all the missionaries (foreigners) are buried in Korea.
While visiting, I learned of all the missionaries and their sacrifice and...
I was humbled to the core.

Here are some of the photos that I would like to share with everyone.

Missionary Hardie, he was the forerunner who repented his sin before Koreans and 
this was the beginning of the Great Revival in Korea. 
"I would rather be buried in Korea than in the Westminster Abbey" - Hulbert...
This really pierced my heart. 

"If I had a thousand lives to give, Korea should have them all" - Ruby Kendrick
This made me cry...literally.
There is no greater love than this...

On the wall of the museum...
Yes, God's love was shown through people who said yes to the calling;
Calling to love people who were mere strangers.

When I entered the museum, I came across this on the floor. 
The missionaries had to cross the sea to get to Korea. 
And this meant more than a physical body of water...
Can I ever understand the fear that they might have faced coming 
to the land of total strangers of completely different culture?
But I knew, it was the uttermost fear and love for God that
enabled them to obey. 
Yes, they loved God. 
That's why they were able to love others. 
 Tombstone of Soda Gaichi and his wife - The only Japanese missionaries who are buried in Korea and they spent their life watching over orphans in Korea. 
When Soda Gaichi was drunk and lay dying on the street, a stranger came to save his life. 
That stranger happened to be Korean. 
After this incident, his heart started to open up towards Korea and in 1905, he decided to step on the Korean peninsula. He had a heart for children and started to watch over orphans with his wife. Later, he was involved in fighting for freedom for Korea from Japanese colonial rule.  Even after Korea was freed from the colonial rule, the couple stayed behind to take care of the orphans. After his wife passed away, he went back to Japan to call out for repentance. In 1961, he moved back to Korea and watched over orphans until he passed away.

This story has a great significance to the relationship between Korea and Japan. 
There is hope for reconciliation only in God. 
There's no other way. 
I translated this story only because this story is not told much (and there's nothing written in English translation.) I wanted to make this touching story known to public. 
Missionary Horace Grant Underwood and his family (4 generations) buried in Korean soil.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumn 2011

It's odd how I am posting Autumn scenery after Wintery Snow covered ones. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow falls in Autumn...

Nature seems to be a bit confused.
I think I can hear the trees say: Wait, we didn't change colors yet...!
Or...something like...wait, we still have leaves!

And yes...lo and behold, the trees had leaves...and...
they couldn't handle the weight of snow on each leaves.
And yes...crack...
The trees fell as they were burdened by heavy snowfall.

Time is approaching fast,
time to get ready, people.